You want to blog alongside your day job

but you're struggling to find the time and energy to do both

You're overwhelmed, I get it . . .

Other bloggers seem to have so much more time than you do

It feels like everyone else is blogging full-time, but you just can't afford to do that yet.

They're telling you to take on responsibilities that require hours each day, but you'll be lucky if you can find 45 minutes tonight.

And that's assuming you'll have the energy to do anything after work.

How can you reach your dream if you can never find the time to work for it?

Let me help you.

I've been slowly building The Lazy Source alongside my 9-5 accounting job for awhile now. I'm mentally exhausted by the time I make it home every evening, but I have a dream to build a blog that can replace my salary. And to do that, I have to find the time and energy to work on it every day.

The first step is a plan.

Every hour you have to spare is precious time. It must be used both efficiently and effectively if you want to accomplish your goals.

In this guide, I give you everything you need to

- Identify how much FREE TIME you actually have to blog

- Create a quick, simple, yet FLEXIBLE PLANNING STRATEGY

- Find ways to plan and work that aren't MENTALLY DRAINING

- Learn how to PRIORITIZE TASKS when you're short on time

- Build a blog that is designed to FIT INTO YOUR SCHEDULE

Even better . . .

You can either


or use the resources I give you to


And it's all completely free.

Let's get started...

Take control of your time.
Learn how to plan more
effectively today!
Steal my system
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